The checklist you need before going on a camping trip with your friends

If you are willing to do fun and exciting things to do with your friends, then you should think of going camping. Many people think that camping is something very tough and hard, but it really is not. If you are adventurous and you like to do exciting things with your friends, then this is a great idea. Camping with your friends is a great idea to make memories for a lifetime. Also, you get to learn a lot about how to survive in the wild for a few days and how to build your own tent.

Here are some of the tips to help you are planning your camping trip.

Tents or camping bags:

This is the first and by far the most important thing to take on your camping trip. You need to get a whole tent kit and you also need to make sure that you know how to properly set up a tent. You can find tents that don’t need a lot of efforts in any outdoor shop. Once you made sure you have your tent, you need to insist that each individual has their own sleeping bag, pillows and comforter or warm blankets. You can also add an extra pair of blankets to make sure no one’s cold during the night.

Food and water:

When you go camping, you usually cook your meals on site. You can have a full camping experience by taking your portable stove out to the camping site and cook your food there. You can take can food as well as take food that you have marinated and only needs to be cooked. Also, a cooler would be a smart idea in order to keep your water bottles cold and to keep food in there. Useful utensils also need to be taken with you.

Emergency lights:

Because you will be spending many days on the camping site, you need to be prepared for a potential night without any light. You need some emergency lights to help you see at night. Most people carry lanterns with them, but the emergency lights easier and lighter. It is also a smart idea to pack some extra Emergency Light Batteries so that you do not have any problems with batteries later on the trip.

First aid:

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere and they can happen to anyone. That is why it is necessary that you also pack a first aid box with you when you go camping. You can pack some bandages, some antiseptics so that a small cut does not get infected in the woods. A first aid box can help you out a lot, especially when you are far away from the house for a lot of days.

Safety shoes:

Safety shoes and some extra clothes should also be packed when you are preparing your bag. Since you have to walk on an uneven ground, you also need to have some shoes with a hard sole and made out of a waterproof fabric.