Enjoying a Luxurious Bath in Your New Tub is Almost Too Easy

There was a study which mentioned that on average people in the UK take 200 showers per year, compared to 4 baths. That is a huge difference. The enjoyment of a bath is shrinking and it is being replaced by the quick and speedy ritual of the shower.

There is an enjoyment to a bath. You luxuriate in it. You can take your time, and just let the water take the pressures of the day away. With a warm bath, your troubles can come into focus, or they can diminish in importance. Taking a long hot bath is a different experience for everyone.

It has also become a luxury for the general population. For one, a bathtub unit flushed to the wall has become expensive. For another, there is the space required; a bathtub tends to be larger than it should be. Lastly, when you get used to showers, there is a tendency to no longer take long baths.

The solution to the above starts with a freestanding bath. This is a single unit, much like those old claw-foot baths. However, instead of being made of cast iron, today’s baths are made of solid porcelain. These are sturdier, more elegant and are easier to clean. Water naturally flows down in porcelain. Even if there are water stains, these are easily cleaned with the use of detergent or even plain lemon juice.

In addition to being made of porcelain, the modern freestanding bath has a glamorous design. Simple curves are the hallmark of millennial design. Of course, there are other designs, including those that allow you to recline and nod off without slipping. These are practical considerations that follow personal preferences. Today’s materials also come in different colours. There is the old traditional porcelain white, but there is also the new shiny black. If you just take a look at the other available designs, you will notice that the colours are also as varied.

What sets the new bathtubs apart from the old ones is that they follow modern considerations. These units fit in to any colour scheme or bathroom theme. If you already have a his and hers sink, then you will understand the need for a matching bath. Getting one is almost as easy as looking through an online catalogue.

Through it all, the only real consideration you should pay attention to is the size of the bathroom door. If the bath can’t fit through the door, then there is no use buying that model. The water fixtures are easy to connect. You only need to talk to your plumber about the water connection to the bath fixture. The last consideration you should look into is the shower curtain. You shouldn’t forget about that.